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Sree Narayana Guru ke anmol vachan (Hindi) - Swami Dharma Teerthar

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Sreenarayanaguru - Murkoth Ramunni (Hindi)

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Sree Narayana Guru: To be Known and to be Practised

The Guru, An Incarnation of Perfection

A guru is like the infinite sky, the space of the Universe, the unchanging and eternal base and background of everything. Clouds may tumble through that, several   stars and other celestial spheres of light may rise and set in that, tempests and torrential rain may indulge in wild dance through that, still it remains unchanged and immovable. A real guru is like the sky,infinite and eternal, beyond the devastations that could be inflicted by the flow of time.They stand out  in different names as lighthouses to illuminate  the path of righteousness to humanity.

Sanyasam (the life of an ascetic)

Is the noblest mode of life. As such, an ascetic should not degrade himself to evil actions and become the target of slander and insult from others. If the ascetic becomes incapable of carrying  out his functions and returns home, he is not eligible to continue sanyasam. All the disciples of one guru should assemble in one place once in four months.


The Guru has not said anything about Vaanaprastha. The sages have expressed that ashramas are four(stages in life).But the Guru has described only three ,brahmacharya ( celibate studentship ), garhasthyam(Householder) and sanyasam (renunciation), mentioning that these three are important. In the modern days, sanyasam may not be possible for all. The best way would be to withdraw from active life after fulfilling all the responsibilities of domestic life.

The Responsibilities of a Wife

The woman is the axle  of domestic life. Society expects  more of patience, sacrifice and willingness for compromise from the woman than from a  man. Thirukkural was a favourite  composition to the Guru. The Guru has translated the 6th Canto of Thirukkural under the title Duties of a Wife. In sree Narayana Dharmam also he repeats how an ideal wife should be. She should be one who cares for her husband’s likes and dislikes, one who regulates  expenses to be within their income, and virtuous in nature.

Love in Married Life

Married life is built up on the foundation of mutual love between the couple. Guru Dev says, “A man’s love is to be fixed on one thing. Hence, he should marry only once”. If there is mutual love, all problems will be easily solved. Incompatibilities will melt away like dewdrops in the warmth of love. Love is the strength of a family. Love is capable of tolerance and sacrifice to any extent. Love weaves the threads of inter-dependence between the members of a family.



Gruhasthashram( The Life as a Householder )

The Guru has advised that a brahmachari should enter gruhasthshram with the permission of his parents and guru, after learning all that is prescribed by the guru. In the 7th and 8th Cantos of ‘Sree Narayana Dharmam’( Narayana Smrithi) the Guru has described the duties of a householder. “ Thrivarganilayam saakshaat mukthidvaram apaavrutham”. The Guru praises gruhasthashram as the base for the three objectives in life, namely dharmam (righteousness), artham (prosperity), and kaamam (fulfilment of desires) and the gateway to salvation.