Appendix: Chronology of Events

Year,CE            Year        Event

1856            1032          Born on August 20th or Chathayam in Chingam, at Chempazhanthi

1872                              Completed early education

1876 to 79                    Pursued higher studies in sanskrit and varanapalli

1879 to 84                    Teaching at various places

1881                              Named "Nanu Asan" by the people

1882                              Marriage

1884            1032        Death of father,left home to lead an itinerant life

1888                              Consecrated pratishta of Siva at Aruvippuram

1891                              Met Kumaran Asan
1894                               Inducted Kumaran Asan into ashram and sent him to Dr. Palpu in Bangalore for further studies

1897                               Wrote Atmopadesa satakam, One Hundred Verses of Self Instruction, an original Vedanta text, at Aruvippuram
1898                               Created Aruvippuram Temple Committee
1903                               Created SNDP Yogam
1904                               Settled at Sivagiri, Varkala
1908                               Consecrated Jagannatha Temple at Thalasseri
1910                               Consecrated temples in Kozhikode and Mangalore
1912                               Consecrated Sarada temple at Sivagiri
1913                               Established Advaita Ashram, Aluva
1916                               Wrote Darsanamala in Sanskrit: reinterpreting Hindu philosophy
1921                               Consecrated a lamp as the deity at Murukkumpuzha;Conference on Brotherhood at Aluva
1922                                Visited by Rabindranath Tagore at Sivagiri    
1925                                All Religion Conference at Aluva
1927                                Consecrated a mirror at Kulavancode

1928                                 Entered samadhi at Varkala on September 20th